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Chris Johnson wants money and lots of it!

ESPN- The Tennessee Titans‘ contract stalemate with holdout running back Chris Johnson shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

While the Titans publicly stated they are willing to make Johnson the highest-paid running back in the NFL, those close to Johnson believe he should be paid as one of the top playmakers in the league — not just for running backs, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

To date, the Titans have not made any offers to Johnson. Until the Titans can find a way to appease Johnson, the Pro Bowl running back is not expected to report back to the team, which sets up the possibility for a prolonged holdout.

League sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Christ Mortensen that Johnson is seeking a deal that would pay him $39 million over the first three years, a $13 million average, that would place him in that elite status he is seeking beyond the running back market.

General manager Mike Reinfeldt told The Associated Press last week that Johnson’s agent was the first person the team called once the NFL’s lockout was lifted. The Titans had reworked Johnson’s contract a year ago to give him more money in 2010 and promised to talk to him again a year later.

But Johnson told The Tennessean he was surprised to hear that Reinfeldt said that he would make him the highest-paid running back ever. Johnson said neither he nor his agent has received any offer from the Titans.

“Maybe they talked, but I guarantee we never received any offer,” Johnson told The Tennessean.

Johnson said last year that he wanted a new deal with $30 million in guaranteed money. The Titans revised his contract by boosting his 2010 salary by $1.5 million to $2.05 million to convince the running back to report.

Johnson is working off two models, sources told Mortensen, one in the past with LaDainian Tomlinson while trying to project the market for the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, who is scheduled to become a free agent.

The Chargers in 2004 gave Tomlinson an extension with two years left on his original rookie deal that made him among the top-paid players in the game with an average just above $8 million during the first three years on that contract. Peterson’s salary is $10.2 million this year with free agency status for 2012 and sources told Mortensen that Johnson believes the Vikings running back will get an average in the neighborhood of $13 to $14-million per year in the first seasons of his next deal.

Johnson is heading into his fourth season and due to make $800,000 in base salary. The final two years of his deal can max out at roughly $2.7 million.

Part of the problem is that running backs typically are not paid as well as some of the league’s other top players. While Minnesota’s Peterson is the league’s highest-paid running back, DeAngelo Williams received $21 million guaranteed from the Carolina Panthers to re-sign this offseason.

Johnson has rushed for 4,598 yards and 34 touchdowns during his three seasons. He also has caught 137 passes for 1,008 more yards and four more touchdowns.

His numbers have made him one of the most dangerous players in the game — and Johnson wants to be paid like it.

Adam Schefter is ESPN’s NFL Insider. ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen and The Associated Press contributed to this report


This article is really starting to make me nervous about whether or not Chris Johnson will really holdout this year. It looks as though he is going to probably holdout because he is not getting the money he wants. If the reports are true the Titans made a deal with CJ that would make him the highest paid running back in the league which I think is fair but is not enough for CJ28. He wants to be the highest paid player in the league which I don’t think he should be (even as a huge fan) with a huge amount of guaranteed money. I think he should be promised a large amount of guaranteed money because of the short, average career life of running backs in the NFL. I guess the one good thing to take from this is that he is holding out and I have a fantasy draft Friday so hopefully he is still holding out by then so I can scoop him up 6th overall in a keeper league, although those odds don’t look good at all.

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Pay This Man Whatever He Wants

Two years ago the guy was killing NFL rushing records and rushed for over 2000 yards on a team that started off 0-6 and had no other threats. It’s one thing to do this on a dominate team with a bunch of threats that keep defenses honest but he was the only offensive threat. How do you not pay this man whatever he wants, he’s unbelievable!

Sidenote- Just in case you forgot from previous post awhile back, he retweeted me!

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I’m So Jealous of Matt Hasselbeck!

Well, Matt Hasselbeck just landed the best job in the world and is getting paid a lot more than I will ever see if my lifetime to do it. As you should already know, Hasselbeck just signed a multi-year deal with the Tennessee Titans. The 35-year-old has the best job in the world, just hand the ball to Chris Johnson and watch him go. He has the best view on the field to watch Chris Johnson’s highlight reel week in and week out. Just hand CJ28 the ball and watch, no responsibility to block or create holes for the best running back in the world. I would love to be Matt Hasselbeck right now. I would probably bring a flip cam on the field to get unreal footage of Johnson tearing apart defenses and then post them on the blog. I would probably get yelled at when I was in the huddle making up plays, having Chris Johnson play center, me going underneath center, and calling the play on 10 just so I could stay under center for as long as possible. So keep on smiling Matty boy and making Campbells soup commercials and help my boy CJ win that Super Bowl and rushing record this year.

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10 Year Old Workout Phenom

YAHOO!-C.J. Senter may or may not be the next Tony Horton or the next Barry Sanders, but he is definitely the next 10-year-old to watch.

Granted, when most people hear “child prodigy,” they rightfully raise an eyebrow and wonder who is pulling the strings. Add a workout DVD by a fourth-grader with sculpted muscles to the mix and “cute” can turn to “concerning.” But it turns out the story behind “C.J. The Workout Kid” is a lot more inspiring than insidious.

C.J. started working out five years ago when his football coach told him and his teammates to go home over a weekend and get some exercise. He did some push-ups and sit-ups and loved it. Not too long after, he saw a P90X infomercial and loved that too. He’s been working out ever since. C.J. does his own routines three times a week, after school and homework, and he’s given new names to some old and boring moves, like the burpee, which involves a squat, push-up, and jump. C.J. calls that one the “shredder.” He even teaches a class of (mostly older) kids at the gym near where he lives in Locust Grove, Ga.

“It feels great,” C.J. says by phone from his Georgia home. “I love staying fit and healthy.”

But wait a minute. Research shows kids shouldn’t be touching weights until at least age 15.

“I don’t use weights,” C.J. says.

Not even bench press?

“I don’t bench press,” he says. “It’s not good for kids.”

Surely he’s on some insane diet, right? His dad feeds him wheat grass and cow brain, perhaps?

“I’m not on a diet,” C.J. says. “I eat everything.”

Disbelieving? So is Carlos Senter — C.J.’s dad. Carlos has spent most of his son’s life in shock, ever since C.J. somehow climbed out of his crib — at seven months old.

“It was two, three o’clock in the morning,” Carlos says, “and boom! My wife would go look in his room and here he comes, crawling out. He would go into the refrigerator, too.”

Carlos can’t quite figure out how his son got to be so fit. He says his relatives put on muscle easily, but not this easily. C.J. has an older brother and a younger sister who don’t really love sports as much. And Dad isn’t exactly chiseled like Terrell Owens. In fact, he admits C.J.’s work ethic has shamed him and his wife into getting into better shape.

“He doesn’t really eat candy,” Carlos says. “I have no idea why.”

And for that matter, Carlos has no idea why his son doesn’t have an attitude. “This kid will score a touchdown, take the football to the ref and act like nothing ever happened,” Carlos says. “If it was me, well, I probably would be a little different.”

But as much as the “Workout Kid” routine is working — C.J.’s DVDs are in so much demand that his dad hired a PR rep — Carlos says he gives most of the DVDs away for free and the primary objective is to help kids get off the couch.

C.J.’s primary objective has always been the same thing: make it to the NFL. He’s a running back and safety, modeling his game after another C.J. — Titans speed demon Chris Johnson.

C.J.’s already been named MVP for the state of Georgia as an 8-and-under, and last year he played in the 10-and-under group as a 9-year-old. Carlos says that the team run by former NFL running back Jamal Lewis expressed interest in having C.J. commute to Atlanta to join up, but the drive was simply too far.

High school coaches are already aware of C.J., but Carlos, who runs a local barber shop, insists on not looking too far ahead.

“As long as he’s happy,” Carlos says, “I’m happy.”

C.J. does seem happy, even though he’s a little bit tired of when kids come up to him at school and ask, “Are those your real muscles?”

The next generation of Atlanta prep football players is about to find out.


I was reading this article at first with absolutely 0 interest at first until I read the part about how he loves another CJ, Chris Johnson. I mean who wasn’t in good shape at the age of 10. You could eat whatever you wanted, and never put on any weight. Just go burn it off by playing kickball or hide-and-go seek. I was actually thinking this kid was a nobody who was just looking to promote his DVDs until I saw that he loved Chris Johnson. This kid has his head on his shoulders, selling DVDs and his favorite player is Chris Johnson. Keep up the good work little man. Someone get me these DVDs ASAP please!

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If you don’t already love CJ28, you soon will. 28>20

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Chris Johnson Retweeted Me!

So the greatest running back in the NFL, Chris Johnson just retweeted me, no bigs! I have had twitter for a couple of weeks and am still relatively new to it but I heard retweets are pretty legit. For those of you who aren’t aware, I love Chris Johnson. I think he is the most entertaining running back in the NFL and love watching him play. I might have been him for Halloween (winning best costume) and have purchased clothes from his website. The most exciting part of this is that this was the first tweet I had ever sent him. I know of people who tweet celebrities whenever they can hoping to get retweeted but not me. Play Dough is officially blowing up and doing big things! Follow me on Twitter (BigPlayBillyJ) and if your lucky I might retweet you.

Sidenote- Everyone who jumped on the Bruins bandwagon this year should hop on the CJ28 bandwagon now because he WILL be breaking Eric Dickerson’s rushing record.

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