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Are We All Drunks?

As most of you know, last weekend we had our second straight beer die tourney last weekend. After killing 17 kegs at the BBDO, we managed to down around 550 cans and bottles of beer and teas last Saturday, so it go me thinking whether we are just a huge group of lushes or not. There is a commercial that plays on the Sports Hub that’s for a website named This site allows you to take a survey to tell whether or you have a problem with drinking, so I figured what the hell, let’s take a look. Upon completion on this survey, it was determined that I could have a problem with alcohol dependence or abuse. Now this was no surprise to me that this would be the answer, but also realized that almost everyone of our friends would have the same answer. There are some that would have a better result, like Devon, or some with a worse one, Dino, but for the most part we are all the same. So are we really drunks or is this test kind of bullshit? Yeah we like to get wild but as far as I know, none of us are waking up itching for a drink or getting so drunk we miss work the next day. Yeah maybe we show up 10 mins late or have to drink a half a dozen of coffees to get going but no ones getting canned.
I think its an unfair test because we are conditioned to drink in Boston. What else are we gonna do when its 6 degrees out in mid-January? Also, a friend of mine, who attends the University of Miami, had a few friends from Miami visiting, and they stated it was the first time they have ever seen a 30 rack. Everywhere else in the country they sell 24 packs, we sell 30 packs, as well as 36 packs, so we know how to drink. As I said I feel this survey is bull and when it asked if I would seek further help I quickly answered no and gave the screen the finger. So if anyone else has some free time, take a peak at that website and take the survey quick. It takes less then 5 minutes and feel free to post your results, let’s see how many of us are drunks. Also someone please make Dino take this survey, I would love nothing more then to see his results. Pretty sure the closest alcohol rehab with track him down in a matter of minutes once he completes it.

-Adam C

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Haynesworth to the Pats

Albert Haynesworth has been traded to the New England Patriots this morning sending a 5th round draft pick in 2013 to the Washington Redskins. After doing nothing the first two days of free agency the Pats finally made a move, but this move will not come without controversy. Haynesworth has not been anywhere near his 7 year, 100 million dollar contract he signed 2 years ago, but almost all of Haynesworth 41 million guaranteed has been paid so if this does not work out for the Pats they can cut him for cheep money. I personally think this is a great deal, that being said the Pats still need to do more. If Haynesworth gets into shape and plays the way he did in ’08, this Pats D line will be the best in the NFL. At 6’6″ 320lbs Haynesworth will demand 2 lineman, as will Vince Wilfork, making some big holes for Mayo and Spikes. Mayo might have 200 tackles this year if Haynesworth shows up. But also if Haynesworth is in shape, he is very athletic and could play on the end of a 3-4 from time to time. Overall a very good deal, low cost, high reward, which is the Patriots way of buisness, the names Moss and Dillon come to mind. I would still like to see the Pats get some more linebacker help and lock up the offensive line situation but this is a very good start.

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Wanna See My Penis?

How dumb are pro athletes? We all know about the whole Brett Favre sending sext messages while playing for the Jets, obviously showing his penis in some. (See Big Play’s post “I Hate Brett Farve” for an awesome video) We also all know about Tiger Woods’ screw ups with text messages, so you think other pro athletes would take notice right? Well apparently Ron Artest, or as he’s trying to change it to Metta World Peace, hasn’t been paying attention. According to an anonymous blog post by a woman on deadspin claims Artest is as dumb as the other two. She claims that she became friends with Artest through twitter and lead to an exchange of numbers. She also claims that Artest sent her a picture, in which he shows his penis. So I ask again how dumb are pro athletes? They seem to believe no one is out there to make either a name for themselves or money by talking this way with them. Conveniently this woman showed almost none of her text to Artest and make it seem like all see wanted to do was be friends. But that’s the game these type of people play with these athletes. So to all those pro athletes reading Play Dough everyday, stop being surprised when this stuff comes back to bite you in the ass. Don’t by any means stop engaging in these acts because I love hearing theses stories every six or so months, just stop being surprised when it goes public!

-Adam C

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NFL is back!

So as everyone knows the NFL is officially back! Now we can all start getting amped up for the regular season, thinking about our keepers, and trying to figure out who we are going to draft this fantasy season. I don’t think there’s many, if any, people who are happier than myself for football. There’s nothing better than hanging around on sunday watching the NFL Redzone channel and pound buffalo wing, but as crazy as this lock out has been let’s take a second to look how crazier the rest of this off-season will be. Teams will be reporting this week starting tomorrow, with our beloved Patriots being one of those teams, but the teams aren’t close to having there full rosters. Free agency begins at 10am Tuesday but teams can’t sign players until Friday and those players signed can’t report until Aug. 4th, one week before the start of the preseason and 5 weeks before the regular season.

The signing of players will be crazy enough, trying to get new players to learn the playbook or even just getting settled in a new home, but what about trades and holdouts. There are trade talks of Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb, and Donavan McNabb all being traded. Having a wideout or a linebacker join camp late is one thing, but the most important offensive player is a whole other hurdle. He will have to not only learn the playbook but get the trust of the whole offense will be tough. Along with trades there are holdouts. As of right now Peyton Manning still isn’t signed, even though its reported that he will be the NFLs highest paid player in a few days, and there are reports that if Chris Johnson is not given a new contract he will be holding out. If Johnson does not play, all of us here at PDC will be on rotation for the BigPlays suicide watch.

So let the football talk start, let’s all prepare ourselves for ESPNs Brett Farve watch, the start of the season 6 weeks from Thursday, and, according to Rex Ryan, watch the Jets win the Superbowl, which would be the 3rd straight year I believe. Even though the Jets don’t have a number 1 or 2 WR or a number 2 CB. So are you ready for some football? Because I am!

-Adam C.

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