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Friday Fight! Suppy VS Cole

Well as everyone saw Suppy absolutely demolished Berry last week in the Friday Fight and moves on to this weeks fight where he may have a little more work cut out for him. Fair battle here, WHO YOU GOT?!?!






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Batcave Spottings!



Friday Fight! Berry VS Suppy

So after a BATTLE last week, Johnny Berry ended up pulling off the votes over Dino at the last minute. Shout out to Dino for holding his ground for 3 weeks! This week though, Berry is going up against a hard hitter Stevie “Boy Wonder” Supitkowski. This is going to be a straight battle BUT who knows! WHO YOU GOT?!?!


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Friday Fight!! Dino Vs Johnny Berry

After Dino has been on a straight tear the past 3 Friday’s, this Friday he goes toe to toe with John Berry. This will be a battle and quite frankly not sure where the votes are going to go with this one. Will Dino go 4 weeks and running or will Johnny step in and put an end to his reign? WHO YOU GOT!


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Friday Fight! DJ JLP VS DINO


So Dino is two weeks running right now after kicking the shit out of Walzy and Prizio. This week, Dino is going toe to toe with DJ JLP. Who you got?!?! Is Dino going to go 3 weeks or is DJ JLP going to put a stop to this? Who you got?!




Friday’s Freestyle & Fight!

This whole video is ridiculous, just 2 black men reciting lines that they already wrote down and trying to pass them off as a “freestyle”. These cats were real passionate about the lines they were spitting too, so passionate that an all out brawl breaks out. I like when the 2nd kid calls out the other kid that he was supposed to battle but he was too scared and the whole gym goes ape shit over it. Yeah, I said the whole gym, what fucking school was that where a bunch of gang bangers can get together to freestyle one another with no mics. Who was the genius that thought that would be a good idea, I can’t see anything bad coming from a hundred angry black men all in one gym insulting one another.

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Friday’s Fight of the Day! Dino VS Prizio

Ok ok so we are taking a new angle on this Friday Fight of the Day bringing in ANY and EVERY local person we know. If you win a fight you go on to next Friday’s Fight of the Day and see how long you can last. Last weeks winner was Desieno who got picked in kicking the shit out of Walzy. This weeks fight, Dino is going to try and defend his reign against James Prizio. WHO YOU GOT??


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