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Under Construction! We will be back soon!

We aren’t done!! We are currently working on a layout of how the website is going to be day to day rather then all over the place. Please bare with us and get ready for much better, more intact, news filled site.

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Are We All Drunks?

As most of you know, last weekend we had our second straight beer die tourney last weekend. After killing 17 kegs at the BBDO, we managed to down around 550 cans and bottles of beer and teas last Saturday, so it go me thinking whether we are just a huge group of lushes or not. There is a commercial that plays on the Sports Hub that’s for a website named This site allows you to take a survey to tell whether or you have a problem with drinking, so I figured what the hell, let’s take a look. Upon completion on this survey, it was determined that I could have a problem with alcohol dependence or abuse. Now this was no surprise to me that this would be the answer, but also realized that almost everyone of our friends would have the same answer. There are some that would have a better result, like Devon, or some with a worse one, Dino, but for the most part we are all the same. So are we really drunks or is this test kind of bullshit? Yeah we like to get wild but as far as I know, none of us are waking up itching for a drink or getting so drunk we miss work the next day. Yeah maybe we show up 10 mins late or have to drink a half a dozen of coffees to get going but no ones getting canned.
I think its an unfair test because we are conditioned to drink in Boston. What else are we gonna do when its 6 degrees out in mid-January? Also, a friend of mine, who attends the University of Miami, had a few friends from Miami visiting, and they stated it was the first time they have ever seen a 30 rack. Everywhere else in the country they sell 24 packs, we sell 30 packs, as well as 36 packs, so we know how to drink. As I said I feel this survey is bull and when it asked if I would seek further help I quickly answered no and gave the screen the finger. So if anyone else has some free time, take a peak at that website and take the survey quick. It takes less then 5 minutes and feel free to post your results, let’s see how many of us are drunks. Also someone please make Dino take this survey, I would love nothing more then to see his results. Pretty sure the closest alcohol rehab with track him down in a matter of minutes once he completes it.

-Adam C

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Friday Fight! Suppy VS Cole

Well as everyone saw Suppy absolutely demolished Berry last week in the Friday Fight and moves on to this weeks fight where he may have a little more work cut out for him. Fair battle here, WHO YOU GOT?!?!






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Batcave Spottings!



Friday Fight! Berry VS Suppy

So after a BATTLE last week, Johnny Berry ended up pulling off the votes over Dino at the last minute. Shout out to Dino for holding his ground for 3 weeks! This week though, Berry is going up against a hard hitter Stevie “Boy Wonder” Supitkowski. This is going to be a straight battle BUT who knows! WHO YOU GOT?!?!


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“I WOULD” Sloan from Entourage

This Wednesday’s I WOULD is Sloan from Entourage, better known as Emmanuelle Chriqui. She is GORGEOUS. The final season of Entourage has just recently started and she has made a few appearances already and looks better then ever. Now I like Entourage, I dont LOVE IT, due to by the time it gets started it is already almost over, but Sloan definitely makes watching it worth it.


Still waiting for a local girl to step up and be the first local I WOULD!!! Cmon someone has to have the balls??


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Who Are They Making These For?

So a few night ago, as Im laying in bed trying to sleep, I found myself just flipping through hundreds of channels of crap. Its about 2:30 in the morning and I suppose I could watch sportscenter again, but I decide to flip through the movie channels instead. Still there is more crap until I stumble across some dude fake chowing some fake titted chick. Now don’t get me wrong, I love some boobs late at night but it got me thinking, who the hell are they stilll making these movies for? When I was younger it was tough to get any porn, soft or hard, so skinamax was awesome. But in the last 12-13 years the availability of internet porn has sky rocketed. You can find anything, you want school girls, here you go, here’s a million websites. You want something weird like people painted like smurfs, you can have it, and im serious, I’ve seen it. So it just got me thinking who are they making this stuff for? And don’t get me wrong, I love seeing boobs, but if someone has an answer I would love to know.

-Adam C

Ps that’s Faye Reagan….girls awesome, favorite pornstar!

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