Who Are They Making These For?

09 Aug

So a few night ago, as Im laying in bed trying to sleep, I found myself just flipping through hundreds of channels of crap. Its about 2:30 in the morning and I suppose I could watch sportscenter again, but I decide to flip through the movie channels instead. Still there is more crap until I stumble across some dude fake chowing some fake titted chick. Now don’t get me wrong, I love some boobs late at night but it got me thinking, who the hell are they stilll making these movies for? When I was younger it was tough to get any porn, soft or hard, so skinamax was awesome. But in the last 12-13 years the availability of internet porn has sky rocketed. You can find anything, you want school girls, here you go, here’s a million websites. You want something weird like people painted like smurfs, you can have it, and im serious, I’ve seen it. So it just got me thinking who are they making this stuff for? And don’t get me wrong, I love seeing boobs, but if someone has an answer I would love to know.

-Adam C

Ps that’s Faye Reagan….girls awesome, favorite pornstar!

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One response to “Who Are They Making These For?

  1. bigplay101

    August 10, 2011 at 9:23 am

    This is funny that you bring this up Adam because I had a similar conversation a few days ago with a friend of mine. We were driving somewhere and the fact that his parents weren’t home one day and I replied with “That’s the best because you can watch porn with the volume up.” He chuckled, while realizing how true of a statement it was and said “oh yeah!”. Then I asked this friend of mine what site he used to watch this adult videos in which he replied he didn’t have a laptop and didn’t use the family computer in fear of getting caught. I was thinking poor kid at this point and asked if he just watches the same DVDs over and over again. He said that he did have one DVD but doesn’t really watch it because he doesn’t have a DVD player in his room. At this point I am in absolute shock of how deprived this kid is from porn. I then asked in a very sympathetic voice if he just has a go at it while closing his eyes and using nothing but imagination. He laughed and said no. Now I know this kid has a go at it a lot because he has a lot of free time and I am thinking to myself, why is this kid lying about whanking off to me? Just to play into his (what I think is a) game I said then what do you do it to. Without a second of hesitation he says “softcore porn. I DVR softcore porn and do it to that”. I almost started crying because I felt so bad for him. I wanted to stop and get him a DVD player on the way home so he could at least watch a regular porn that he has probably seen a million times. I had a lot of follow up questions asking when the last time he saw a money shot was, and much more inappropriate shit. But ya Adam I agree, softcore porn is for the birds once you’re over the age of 14.

    Sidenote- Faye Reagan is gross.


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