09 Aug

Brownie’s Beer Die Open (BBDO)- One of the best days of the year where a bunch of great people gather together to drink, create memories, and try to win Lord Brownie’s Cup.

Plunks- Nothing better than tossing the die up and nothing from the start that its going to be a plunk. Getting the 2 points for your team, making the other team finish their beers, and getting your name on the plunkster list. Bounce plunks are not as rewarding and I feel bad whenever I get one. It’s like hitting a 3 pointer off the backboard or bad beating someone on the river in poker.

Hustle So Russell t-shirts- PDC newest shirts are in and they are fresh. It was great to see the number of people rocking them at BBDO 11′. Great people wearing great shirts in memory of a great person.

To Catch a Predator- An awesome show to watch to end the weekend and get you ready for Monday morning. I receive a lot of satisfaction from watching these scumbags get busted, put on the spot, panic, and then hopefully getting tasered.

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