09 Aug

Getting plunked on- Being on the receiving end of a plunk is the worst because the opposing team is 2 points closer to a victory and you have to finish your beer. It is never a good thing, no matter how much you enjoy drinking.

Tim Tebow- I never really cared for Tebow when he was playing at Florida but had to respect him because he got things done for his team. Now that he is in the NFL and whining about how he isn’t Denver’s starting QB, he is really aggravating me. Listen kid, you have to earn the position, not everything is going to be handed to you. I also hate how he came out after with statements about how his previous statements were taken out of context. Stick to your guns you religious fairy.

Chris Johnson is still holding out- If CJ holds out the NFL won’t be nearly as exciting as it could be. The man wants more money and wants it now, so why not give it to him. The thing that scares me is that CJ28 is the type of person that would hold out for the entire season if he doesn’t get paid, and that wouldn’t be a good thing.

The sleeve monster- The sleeve monster is funny when it doesn’t happen to you. Although I have never been a victim to the sleeve monster, I would hate to be a victim and had to put him under hate in respect to all of his victims.

Running out of Beers- This is a very sad moment and puts your fun at a party to an end, especially if it’s late and all the packies are closed. Hopefully you have some generous friends who planned accordingly and bought extra beers.

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