Throwback Kicks: Starbury’s and Stephen Marbury

04 Aug

Now I have never owned a pair of these but I do remember the Starbury’s. Stephen Marbury, former Celtic, and NBA player came out with his own line of shoes but cleverly combining his first and last name. Now these were as big as And1 shoes and usually sold at your local Marshall’s or Bob’s store, but the guy thought he had a money maker here. But lets fast forward to present day and Stephen Marbury, who is no longer a player ACTUALLY owes a bank 16 million dollars. Here is small excerpt from Yahoo Sports explaining it.

Last we checked in with Starbury, things had gone somewhat off-script: His Chinese basketball team dumped him, but he had caught on with another team, and his business ventures were all doing well. Wrote Wells Tower in GQ, “To cover the $2.2 million promised by the owner of the Brave Dragons, Starbury Corp. briskly liquidated Marbury’s $75 million real estate business.”

Well, the bank liquidated at least one piece of that real estate for Marbury, through foreclosure. […]

Essentially, Marbury guaranteed a $16-million loan to Starbury, the company. Starbury the company hasn’t paid the loan back, so now Starbury the former Knicks point guard has to. The collateral he put up for the loan only covered a small part of the judgment against him. That $75 million in cash would come in handy just about now.

Well I guess, Starbury’s never took off like he wanted them to and now he finds himself in a whole heap of debt. But the real question is, how many of you had Starbury’s? Dont lie just admit it! Stephen was decent at one point so its ok to admit it!

PS have you guys ever seen what Stephen Marbury did after he was washed up? He started making Ustream videos you can peep on youtube. This guy is fucking weird.


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One response to “Throwback Kicks: Starbury’s and Stephen Marbury

  1. Matt Warner

    August 4, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Biggest thing against those kicks was they were sold only thru Steve And Barry’s, the now defunct clothing store where NOTHING cost more than $6.95! How can you turn a profit off that? Must have been some high-end TC style kicks.


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