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04 Aug

~~~ So I might’ve asked some people this before but why don’t we see more birds just fall out of the sky? I mean, humans collapse from heart attacks, strokes, all the time. Why not birds? Do they not have heart attacks? I typed it into Google and the only thing I saw was that most birds know when they are sick so they go under a damn bush to die. I call Bullshit. Same goes for whales. Shouldn’t one whale every once in a while just be swimming along, have a heart attack and just sink to the ocean floor?

~~~ Speaking of animals collapsing, have you ever seen that commercial where the announcer says “Whenever you see an adult collapse, use your hands to press on their chest until help arrives.” The only reason I bring this up is because it says nothing about a child collapsing. So if you see a child collapse, for God’s sake keep walking.

~~~ I’m pretty sure I could have a number one hit song on the radio. Soulja Boy has a G5 jet that will cost him $55 million after its done. He absolutely sucks. His song with that Superman dance has the same beat as the ABC song for children. Look it up. Alter an old song, make up some silly lyrics, slap together a catchy chorus and boom, millions. How much does studio time cost?

~~~ I personally think if the main transportation used in your country of origin is by camel, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive a taxi in America.

~~~ I’ve realized that instead of using a hello or a smiling head nod, some people just say the general time of day. I said goodbye to a friend the other day and all he said back to me was, “Night.” Are people at the point where saying night is more time effective than saying goodnight? Maybe I’m just a weirdo but stuff like this is what I think about daily.


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