Wednesday’s “I WOULD!”

03 Aug

Today’s “I WOULD” is Audrina Patridge who kills it on the cover of Maxim shown above. I honestly had no idea who she was until we went to AC for my brother’s bachelor party. Long story short, we were all at Harrah’s pool party and the DJ was announcing that this broad was there and the group I was with seemed kind of impressed but I didn’t really know what was going on. My friend Walzy and I left to look for one of our drunk friends and were outside the pool party looking for our friend after a night of drinking. It was at this point that Audrina and her boy toy and 2 security guards casually walked by us and my friend all excited goes “THATS AUDRINA!” At this point I responded with “WHO THE FUCK IS AUDRINA?!” I don’t think she cares too much for me but I seemed it only appropriate to make it up to her by giving her this week’s “I WOULD”.

Sidenote- PDC is still looking for some local “I WOULDs” so we don’t have to keep looking up hot chicks on the internet. If you or someone you know want to be our first “I WOULD” please e-mail us or hit us up on facebook. We will repay you somehow but haven’t come up with the exact details yet but they can be discussed. Someone step up, we know girls love reasons to dress slutty and get attention. So here is one way to do that or you can just wait until Halloween.

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