Pedroia, best value in the majors?

29 Jul

Dustin Pedroia is the best player in the majors! Ok maybe he isn’t the best in the majors but he has move value then any other play in the league though. Currently Pedroia has been hitting the cover off the ball and is in the middle of a 25 game hitting streak after going 1 for 3 with a home run last night. During his current hitting streak he is 44 for 109 for a .407 average, 9 home runs, and 20 RBIs and has hit safely in every game since June 28th. Also before June 28th he had an eleven game hit streak making him have hits in 36 of his last 37 games, which an incredible stretch. His season numbers are .308 avg., .407 OBP, .493 Slugging, 15 HR, and 54 RBIs and for you sabermetrics guys out there he had WAR of 5.9, 0.7 higher then when he won his AL MVP.

Now that all sounds good to the people whose heads aren’t spinning from all those numbers, but what makes him a great value is his contract. After his 2008 MVP winning campaign, Pedroia signed a 6 year extension with the team with a 2015 team option. That’s giving the Red Sox control of him for the next 4 and a half years, and currently this season he is only making 5.5 million, which is ridiculously low. Pedroia will be getting a raise next year to 8M then 10M the following season but those numbers are still great value in today Major League Baseball.

So Pedroia is having another great season, another MVP season possibly, but is still one of those players that’s not talk about as one of the elites. Some baseball experts will ask can he be put in the middle of your line up, hitting 3rd, 4th, or 5th? The answer with Pedroia is yes he can and having an elite player, with this contract, makes him the majors best value player.

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