Stereotypes are Sweet

28 Jul

Racist jokes are funny. Being an actual racist isn’t. I’m no racist because the way I see it, every dude, no matter the race, just wants pussy. So just find your own and don’t mess up another guys hunt for cunt and its all gravy. Female racism doesn’t even register to me because women are second class citizens. But being racist is cool as long as you do it behind someone’s back. Same goes for anything. I don’t care if people talk crap about me behind my back. Like Bobby Boucher’s coach says, “What mama don’t know, don’t hurt her.”

So I will tell you about my recent funny observations of stereotypes. The funny thing about stereotypes is that they are almost always true. Asians really are good at math, blacks love fried chicken and jews are absolutely cheap.

Anyways, I went to the park the other day just to pass the time during work and saw stereotypes in action. Blacks were playing basketball being wicked loud, spanishes were playing soccer smelling awful and whites were playing softball, drinking beer and being unathletic. Obviously I sat near the softball field for safety’s sake because the basketball courts smelled like gunpowder. I’m pretty sure this is how every park in America is set up to prevent hate crimes. I also saw a middle eastern guy running laps with a collared shirt, khakis and grey socks on, which made me smile.

Another funny thing that a friend of mine at work pointed out is how white people love synchronized clapping. Whenever the Red Sox score a run there’s usually a catchy tune played by Akon right after. When they pan out to the crowd (95% whites), pretty much every person is clapping to the beat of the song and white people dancing. This style of dancing is unique to whites and simply includes bending the knees, hands straight up in the air and an occasional hip shift from side to side. No rhythm.


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