Haynesworth to the Pats

28 Jul

Albert Haynesworth has been traded to the New England Patriots this morning sending a 5th round draft pick in 2013 to the Washington Redskins. After doing nothing the first two days of free agency the Pats finally made a move, but this move will not come without controversy. Haynesworth has not been anywhere near his 7 year, 100 million dollar contract he signed 2 years ago, but almost all of Haynesworth 41 million guaranteed has been paid so if this does not work out for the Pats they can cut him for cheep money. I personally think this is a great deal, that being said the Pats still need to do more. If Haynesworth gets into shape and plays the way he did in ’08, this Pats D line will be the best in the NFL. At 6’6″ 320lbs Haynesworth will demand 2 lineman, as will Vince Wilfork, making some big holes for Mayo and Spikes. Mayo might have 200 tackles this year if Haynesworth shows up. But also if Haynesworth is in shape, he is very athletic and could play on the end of a 3-4 from time to time. Overall a very good deal, low cost, high reward, which is the Patriots way of buisness, the names Moss and Dillon come to mind. I would still like to see the Pats get some more linebacker help and lock up the offensive line situation but this is a very good start.

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