Wanna See My Penis?

27 Jul

How dumb are pro athletes? We all know about the whole Brett Favre sending sext messages while playing for the Jets, obviously showing his penis in some. (See Big Play’s post “I Hate Brett Farve” for an awesome video) We also all know about Tiger Woods’ screw ups with text messages, so you think other pro athletes would take notice right? Well apparently Ron Artest, or as he’s trying to change it to Metta World Peace, hasn’t been paying attention. According to an anonymous blog post by a woman on deadspin claims Artest is as dumb as the other two. She claims that she became friends with Artest through twitter and lead to an exchange of numbers. She also claims that Artest sent her a picture, in which he shows his penis. So I ask again how dumb are pro athletes? They seem to believe no one is out there to make either a name for themselves or money by talking this way with them. Conveniently this woman showed almost none of her text to Artest and make it seem like all see wanted to do was be friends. But that’s the game these type of people play with these athletes. So to all those pro athletes reading Play Dough everyday, stop being surprised when this stuff comes back to bite you in the ass. Don’t by any means stop engaging in these acts because I love hearing theses stories every six or so months, just stop being surprised when it goes public!

-Adam C

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