Movie Review: Cedar Rapids

27 Jul

I know that this movie is already out on DVD but after seeing it last night and with the lack of good movies out in theaters, I figured it would be an appropriate movie review. John C Reilly is absolutely kills it in this movie. I will however say that he has absolutely no support from the rest of the cast as far as the “funny department” goes but he alone makes it worth seeing. If you were to take him out of the movie, the movie would be absolutely awful. If you enjoy obnoxious, quotable one-liners then you will love this movie. When is Check it Out coming back out? Show is hilarious.

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One response to “Movie Review: Cedar Rapids

  1. Bryon

    August 4, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Tim obviously is from the generation of mistrusting people, and the credit card thing, then the “Afro American” standing in his room bit was funny. He’s so impressed with this hotel when it obviously from the 70’s. When John C. Riley walked into the hotel I was sure it was going to get funnier. When I came across this on Blockbuster’s website I thought “hey, this looks great” but I couldn’t find the message by the end other than don’t be afraid of failing. Honestly the only redeeming quality is that the movie was free because I got my 3 month subscription to DVD’s by mail from Blockbuster as a new DISH Network customer. Even though I’m an employee of DISH I still got the free membership.


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