I’m So Jealous of Matt Hasselbeck!

27 Jul

Well, Matt Hasselbeck just landed the best job in the world and is getting paid a lot more than I will ever see if my lifetime to do it. As you should already know, Hasselbeck just signed a multi-year deal with the Tennessee Titans. The 35-year-old has the best job in the world, just hand the ball to Chris Johnson and watch him go. He has the best view on the field to watch Chris Johnson’s highlight reel week in and week out. Just hand CJ28 the ball and watch, no responsibility to block or create holes for the best running back in the world. I would love to be Matt Hasselbeck right now. I would probably bring a flip cam on the field to get unreal footage of Johnson tearing apart defenses and then post them on the blog. I would probably get yelled at when I was in the huddle making up plays, having Chris Johnson play center, me going underneath center, and calling the play on 10 just so I could stay under center for as long as possible. So keep on smiling Matty boy and making Campbells soup commercials and help my boy CJ win that Super Bowl and rushing record this year.

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