I Missed Philly!

20 Jul

For those of you who don’t know, I missed the Philly trip. I was scheduled to go, had a plane ticket, a ride to airport, outfit picked out, and only needed to do one thing (wake up) and failed to do so. I took the day off from work and was super excited about going and hanging out with my #bros aka #twitfam. I was hanging out with some of my friends who I was supposed to be going to Philly with until about 2am on Saturday morning. As we parted ways and went home we assured the plan of me waking up 2 hours from then and getting picked up by them to head to Logan to board our plane to Philly. Now clearly we had been drinking that night but I did the smart thing of only drinking beers hoping that a 2 hour nap would be plenty of rest to go ahead and tear up Philly with my boys the next day. So, at this point I was not tired and was stuck laying awake in bed very anxious to get to Philly. I ended up falling asleep around 3am and was scheduled to get picked up at 4am to head to Logan. I was smart enough to set my alarm on my phone for 3:55 am and was planning on napping on the plane. However, like an idiot, I put my phone on silent so I wouldn’t be woken up by texts. So sure enough when 3:55 came around I didn’t wake up because my phone was on silent and I didn’t wake up from the light on my phone. My bros called and called and called me but again because my stupid phone was on silent I didn’t wake up. They even came to my house and knocked on my door but I overslept that too. Anyway, I would just like to go public and apologize to them for letting them down. I am glad/jealous of all of the fun they had and am still mad at myself. Here is a video that shows the type of apology that I owe them.

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