Bachelor Party Wrap Up- Love, Hate, Overrated, Underrated

11 Jul


Love- Group of kids that went, drinking by pool, nobody took pictures, Harrah’s Pool Party, tipping $0 to asshole busdriver.

Hate- Party Ride, our bus driver, guidos, 8 hour drive home when hungover, Monday morning, eating warm ketchup packets, sleeping on cots, NY traffic.

Overrated- My ability to guess peoples’ ages, Berry’s ability to stay awake, sleeping on weekends, eating on the bus, $13 RedBull vodkas.

Underrated- Walzy doubling down with 15 and dealer showing 10, Texas, my flipup sunglasses, bloody marys.


Overall a great weekend full of laughs and awesome memories. Only bad thing was our bus driver was a dickhead and I would never recommend using Party Ride unless you like rude people and piss leaking out of the toilet. If anyone else is getting married soon, invite me to your bachelor party because I love fun. I hope everyone else had a great weekend. Cue the music!



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2 responses to “Bachelor Party Wrap Up- Love, Hate, Overrated, Underrated

  1. Matt Warner

    July 11, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Love- 7 mile boardwalk walks with Ty, breakfast pizza at the Taj, No hangover for this guy!, Reppin Bare Bones and Play Dough at the gym, Pool After Dark, mint weather

    Hate- street black bus drivers, The Party Ride, febreeze-drenched pleather, urine rivers, fist-pumpin guidos and those that wanna be them, toothless scum cunt carnies

    Overrated- Berry’s dance moves, sleep, gambling, Harrah’s buffet, fresh air

    Underrated- Watching sea gulls dive bomb an Asian ladies sub and take it, my sultry voice from cigs and screaming, getting a frosty daiquiri at 5 am, harassing street walkers, the communication power of carrying a black balloon like a bowling ball

  2. Play Dough Clothing

    July 12, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Love – that you guys had fun, sold Play Dough shirts
    Hate – not hearing stories, that I did not go
    Overrated – The Party Ride (I guess?), staying in abington on weekends
    Underrated – Weekend trips


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