Throwback Parties! The Batcave

07 Jul

Some of the best years of my life were a few years ago when I moved into my own apartment. I was free, I was on my own, and more importantly I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. And that is exactly what I did. It started on my way home from working in Florida and was a tough few weeks for me with alot going on in my life. I remember sitting in the airport ready to head home, when I called a good friend Matt Martell and said “Pick up a keg Ill give you money when I land” And in fact without hesitation, Martell picked up a keg then asked me whats up. I sent out a group texts telling everyone I land at 7pm and 8pm we are having a Halloween party. (yes in February). Sure enough I landed back in Boston and headed straight home to find people dressed up in costumes and ready to party. That’s how it started…

Shortly after the first February Halloween party I had, about 20 of my friends all got laid off from work in the winter. This made things turn into having parties on Monday nights to Hitting up bars on Wednesdays and then partying after. It didn’t matter what day of the week it was we just partied. I remember one Tuesday, me and DeSieno were walking to 7-11 at like, I don’t know, 4pm absolutely hammered when we saw Brett McMenimon drive by and told him to come over. He came back in about 15 minutes to find us playing 4 cup all drunk out of our minds and screaming etc etc. We laugh now thinking back on it as he sat on the couch with the facial expression like “What the fuck is going on right now, its Tuesday at 430…” Things got more and more out of control and more and more people started getting layed off. I can honestly say one of the best funniest parties ever was on a Monday night. How many of you can say that?

Then came the theme parties, we decided to have a CEO’s and Corporate Hoe’s party one friday night, where in fact everyone came dressed up looking sharp. This just ignited a million ideas that every friday we were having a theme party. We had a pink party,blacklight party, gangster party, Hawaiian party and on and on. EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY we had a themed party. Every friday more new people showed up at my house and I made some awesome new friendships with people I probably never would have met otherwise. We spent hundreds of dollars on fog machines, laser lights, decorations for the differenet themes and so on. IT was UNREAL. No one asked what was up for the weekend they just waited to hear what the theme was. There was a solid 7 months where no one walked out of there house on a friday night in normal clothes.

It always carried over to saturday where the people would pile back in for night 2. After another crazy night and people finally leaving around 8am sunday we usually got Brothers from across the street and let our bodies relax. It was insane. We made rap freestyles about each other, had 4 cup tournaments, played beer die outside, broke endless amounts of tables. Actually let me stop there. We broke everything! We had people powerbombed through coffee tables and kitchen tables. We had people holding table sand trying to punch threw it (WALZYYYYYY) It was OUT OF CONTROL the shit that went on. We shaved peoples heads into mushroom cuts, we made VIP business cards to get in, we sang songs like we were a band and my kitchen floor was the stage. Im trying to explain it but I cant. I cant explain it it was something you had to live. You can ask anyone who has ever came to my apartment about it and they will probably just anwser “It was awesome” There really is no way to explain it.

Was one of the saddest days of my life when i moved out. I decided i wasnt getting any younger even though we partied like we were, I needed to start saving money. Now its over and now its a throwback. Anyone who partied there that i dont see anymore, call me. text me saty in touch. We shared some amazing memories together.



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One response to “Throwback Parties! The Batcave

  1. bigplay101

    July 7, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    great post. (tears)


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