Part Of PDC is Leaving for Atlantic City Tomorrow!

07 Jul


For anyone who cares I am leaving for Atlantic City tomorrow for my brother’s bachelor party. I am going with a good size group and we are taking a party bus down so I plan on being blackout by noon and not sobering up til sometime Monday afternoon/evening. Obviously, because it being a bachelor party the pictures will be minimal, but I will definitely get some pictures of Play Dough clothing in Atlantic City. The main man Bobo dropped off a bunch of shirts yesterday for me to get rid of and sell on the boardwalk. Depending on how well that goes, I may not return and just become a PDC vendor on the boardwalk. I did have him give me a girls PDC shirt because I plan on getting some smokeshow to wear it and let me snap a photo for the website, this girl may be a stripper named Cinnamon but I have no morals this weekend. So basically this post is just to let our readers (135 views today?! weaksauce! step it the fuck up!) that PDC is again traveling and spreading the PDC seed across the states. Step up and send us a comment, a picture, video, etc. of you doing something exciting and worthy of posting on the blog. Also thanks for your zero comments about the shitty tattoo idea, I appreciate it. We have a 7 hour bus ride up there and plenty of beers to help us come up with some wild ideas.

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One response to “Part Of PDC is Leaving for Atlantic City Tomorrow!

  1. Devlin

    July 8, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Have a good time in Acity, and about the tattoos a face portrait of Burt Reynolds would be awesome


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