I Hate Fat Chicks

06 Jul

Ok let me start by saying that I am incredibly judgmental and I hate a lot of people. With that said, fat chicks may top my list of hated people. There are few exceptions that are acceptable to be a fat chick.

1 – You’re pregnant
2 – You like “dark meat”, if you catch my drift.

That’s it. If you’re between the ages of 13-40 and want to be sexually active, just don’t be fat. I’m not suggesting you have to be anorexic because that’s gross too but when you put on a pair of jean shorts and see a pouch of belly fat muffin-topping over them, it might be a good time to get a gym membership. There’s nothing sexier than a girl with curves but only in the right places. Put it this way. If someone were to draw your mid-section, make sure it doesn’t look like Michael J. Fox was the artist.

If you come from a family of chubs, you might get some sympathy but meh, not much. Understandably there are some medical ailments like gland problems but for the most part fatness isn’t a genetic thing. If you’re an uggo, yea that’s genetic and you’re allowed to hate your parents. But on the flip side, if you’re an uggo with a hot body, chances are you have a better shot at frogging some dude than a fatty with a cute face. It’s science.

So for any chicks out there that will read this and hate me after, there aren’t any good excuses to be fat. I don’t care if you think models are superficial sluts, if the chunky monkey was buy one get one free, or if its your first year at college, there are no excuses. You don’t need to develop an eating disorder, just don’t eat terrible food and use a treadmill once in awhile for Christ sakes. And for guys, as long as you have money, a big wang or just know how to use chloroform, you have a shot with any chick.


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One response to “I Hate Fat Chicks

  1. bigplay101

    July 6, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    haha wonderful! welcome aboard B.D.B. great first post fellow blogster


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