I Need Bad Tattoo Ideas!

05 Jul

A few weeks ago I posted asking our readers for some bad tattoo ideas. Anyway, just to recap here is the situation. I am leaving Friday for my brother’s bachelor party and heading down to Atlantic City with a great group of guys and we are going to live it up. Any hoot, one of the kids that is going with us, who is covered in tattoos, said that he will get a tattoo on his thigh of ANYTHING we want him to get as long as we pay for it. There is a large group of us so we could each pitch in $15 or more and get something definitely worth it. The only exception to the ANYTHING rule is that it can’t be racist or anything “gay” like a big penis (that is a quote from his mouth). I need you readers to man the hell up and please hit us with some ideas, if your idea gets chosen you will win 2 free t-shirts of your choice. I was thinking about having him get on his thigh, be great advertisement and would be very cheap. Let us know what you think please. Also in case you don’t know how to post a comment, just click on comment box and make up a name. It takes literally 2 seconds and we would appreciate the feedback. THANKS

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