Chris Hansen Caught Cheating

30 Jun

Chris Hansen, host of Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator,” has allegedly been caught himself.

As The Atlantic notes, the National Enquirer reportedly has video footage of the married Hansen, 52, on a date with an anchorwoman at an NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, Fla. According to the Enquirer — which may be a tabloid but knows a thing or two about capturing cheating husbands — Hansen has been dating the woman for four months.

Naturally, this story is spreading around the Internet because of the delicious coincidence factor: after becoming famous for catching online sex predators on-camera, Hansen seems to have been caught on-camera himself, albeit for behavior that is not quite so unsavory.

Hansen has not commented on the story thus far.


This is hilarious. No he is not a sex predator which would have been absolutely ridiculous, but this is still humorous. I love watching this guy on To Catch A Predator every sunday night and now to hear that he is out cheating is and there may be video footage is awesome. #TeamChris


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