Marchand’s Post Cup Madness

27 Jun

So obviously everyone in the city is still over excited that the Bruins took home the Cup just over a week ago and all know that the Bruins can party hard too, like in Foxwood’s, racking up a $156,000 dollar tab. But is there anyone of these Bruins that partying harder then Brad Marchand? It all started during the parade that, at 11am, he was very inebriated attempting to sing “Black and Yellow”. But the stories just keep coming out! There’s a story that a woman called into Jam’n stating that Marchand jumped out of the duck boat during the parade, took her friends beer out of her hand, slugged the whole thing, and then flip the girl off before heading back into the duck boat. Another story that was up on Wikipedia recently was that he was playing craps at Foxwood’s, in only a robe, til 4am before he peed under the table, hit a security guard, won another $1200 bucks, stated he “was above the law”, then proceeded back to his room naked. The third story that I heard this morning on the radio is that he has been seen driving around the north end waiting for people to notice him and ask him who he is. Now there is no way to know which one or if any of these stories are true but the legend that has now become Brad Marchand is taking a on a life of its own. The only real question is how is it all going to end? The parting will need to end at some point, but is it dieing down or is he just getting start? I sure hope that he is just getting started and more stories like these keep coming out, as long as he doesn’t end up in some rehab or face down dead in a gutter somewhere. So ill raise my glass to the Bruins winning the Cup and to Marchand to keep rocking out and to keep stories coming!

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