21 Jun

Mayor: Nike’s shirts send wrong message about drugs:

BOSTON (FOX 25 / – Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino is hoping Nike will “just do it” when he asks them to remove a controversial T-shirt display.

The mayor is upset over shirts at the Newbury Street store that feature pill bottles and say “get high” and “dope.”

The mayor says the athletic company is sending the wrong message to youths.

“They are promoting drug use,” Menino told the Boston Herald. “This is the wrong message for Nike to send.”

A spokesperson for Nike says they don’t condone the use of illegal substances and that the slogans are part of an action sports campaign.

First NIKE endorses that punk LeBron and now these shirts. I think Mayor Menino is making a way bigger deal out of this and reading too much into the shirts. Yes, they are double entendres but I think the message from NIKE is to be athletic. The “Get High” t-shirt is referring to jumping high and outjumping your opponent not doing drugs. Mayor Mumbles Menino obviously has a lot of time on his hands seeing how he spotted these t-shirts on Newbury Street while shopping with his wife. Keep a lookout for PDC’s new t-shirts reading “Do Drugs”. Maybe that will land us a spot on the news and get us some publicity.

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