Monday’s Q.O.T.D?

20 Jun

We are bringing a new feature to the site, The Question Of The Day (Q.O.T.D?). I used to do it on facebook and it seemed to receive a lot of responses and I’m hoping for the same on here with comments and e-mails. Anyway, a group of my brother’s friends and myself are going to Atlantic City at the beginning of July for my brother’s bachelor party. A friend that is going with us has a bunch of tattoos and after a couple of adult beverages one night people starting talking. We asked him what the chances of him getting a tattoo down AC would be and he said he was planning on it. A couple of Jager shots later, a group of us are talking about weird and embarrassing tattoos that he should get. Finally, he came up with the idea that he will get ANY tattoo as long as we pay for it. There is a group of 14 of us so we can divide up the cost of the stupid thing. He did say there were some exceptions: It can’t be racist or anything “gay” like a giant penis or something. The tattoo is going to be located on his right thigh and we can use the whole thigh for this tattoo. So my question to you is what should we make our friend get for a tattoo? I was thinking of paying for him to get the website tattooed on his thigh. What do you guys think?

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One response to “Monday’s Q.O.T.D?

  1. Matt Warner

    June 20, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Hope the ideas start flowin!


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