Chris Johnson Retweeted Me!

19 Jun

So the greatest running back in the NFL, Chris Johnson just retweeted me, no bigs! I have had twitter for a couple of weeks and am still relatively new to it but I heard retweets are pretty legit. For those of you who aren’t aware, I love Chris Johnson. I think he is the most entertaining running back in the NFL and love watching him play. I might have been him for Halloween (winning best costume) and have purchased clothes from his website. The most exciting part of this is that this was the first tweet I had ever sent him. I know of people who tweet celebrities whenever they can hoping to get retweeted but not me. Play Dough is officially blowing up and doing big things! Follow me on Twitter (BigPlayBillyJ) and if your lucky I might retweet you.

Sidenote- Everyone who jumped on the Bruins bandwagon this year should hop on the CJ28 bandwagon now because he WILL be breaking Eric Dickerson’s rushing record.

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One response to “Chris Johnson Retweeted Me!

  1. bigplay101

    June 20, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    no one is impressed by this at all? send us your best retweets by celebs and we will post them on the blog, also challenge us you chumps


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