Who’s Going to The Parade Today?

18 Jun

How many of our readers are going to the Bruins parade today? Unfortunately, I can not make it because of a graduation party and have resorted to watching Fox to try to get some of the joys of being there today. Anyone that goes and takes pictures please send them in to us at and we will post them on the site. I don’t want to sound bitter here because I’m unable to go, but what is up with this “rolling rally”? The Bruins can’t stop at the end of the parade and say a few things to the crowd? I know this isn’t the Bruins decision, but maybe Mumbles Menino can give they fans a little something extra and make it worth going by allowing the Bruins to speak at the end of the parade. This is kind of big deal for Bruins fans. Also how many bandwagon fans are in Boston today to see the parade? I’m not saying that I’ve been a diehard fan for years and that I have watched every game for the past 10 years because I haven’t. I would watch Bruins playoffs and didn’t start watching them regularly until 4 years ago when a great friend of mine took me to a game. I don’t get fair weather fans at all: what do they get out of pretending to like a team once they win? I kind of get a kick out of real fans who hate fair weather fans too.

So here’s what we want. We want pictures from the parade; pictures of the players, the cup, fair weather fans, real fans, fans wearing Play Dough, etc. We also want answers/comments to 1. What do fair weather fans get out of pretending to like a team once they win? 2. Why do real fans hate fair weather fans?

Thanks. Enjoy your weekend and buy the new Play Dough t-shirts that are now available.

Sidenote- It is very weird to me to that the Patriots are now (out of the 4 major sports) the local sports team with the longest drought without winning a championship.

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