Throwback Game: POGS

16 Jun

Looking back on it, Pogs was one of the strangest fads in my lifetime. Just round pieces of cardboard with different designs on them. I feel like everyone collected them or at least owned them at one point in their life along with slammers. Slammers were somewhat cool because at least they were metal with a design on them instead of cheap cardboard. I did collect Pogs and Slammers but I never played a single game in my life. I guess the game consisted of risking some of your pogs (your opponent did the same) then you would throw a slammer down on the pile of pogs and the ones that turned over were now yours. At least that is what I think. Anyone with any more information on the game of Pogs please comment.

Sidenote I remember my brother had an OJ Simpson slammer with OJ’s face behind jailbars and it said “OJ in the slammer” above his face, thought it was hilarious.

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