14 Jun

This movie is worth seeing if you haven’t already. I had heard from a bunch of people that this movie was hilarious and a must see so I went in there with very high expectations and was not disappointed. I will say that the heavy-set lady in the film made the movie and without her it would not have been half as funny. I felt the movie did start off a little slow and was nervous that I was in for a chick comedy. The movie picked up about 15 minutes into it once they go to try on their dresses. There were a few outrageous parts that did surprise me, a lot of profanity which is always funny, and a few parts that are a lot funnier if you’re a chick. Besides the one awful girl 2 rows behind me who had the most annoying laugh and laughed at everything, the movie was very satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and thoroughly hated the girl with the obnoxious laugh.

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Posted by on June 14, 2011 in Movie Review


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One response to “Movie Review: BRIDESMAIDS

  1. CMrok93

    June 20, 2011 at 2:39 am

    It’s uneven, unwieldy and overlong, however works when it comes to keeping you fully entertained. Guys, win-wins don’t get much better than this when it comes to date movies, but all that chick flick/guy movie noise aside, it’s just a damn funny movie. Nice Review! Check out mine when you can!


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