Is There Anybody Out There?

14 Jun

We at Team Play Dough are still wondering how many people are following us. People have come up to me saying they like the site and that they want a shirt but for some reason we can’t get people to comment on here. We have received a few comments, but we want more. A few weeks ago I had a post asking for our followers to tell us what they would want to see on this site, or what they liked about it already. I left an e-mail address but didn’t receive a single e-mail with any feedback. I took this as maybe people didn’t see any flaws in our awesome website. I then posted how we would take challenges from anyone and would post them on the site. Again, I left an e-mail for people to send their videos and we did not receive any. Should I take this as a compliment because our followers know we can do everything? Do we need to up the ante for our challenges? Maybe people don’t want their ugly mugs posted on videos on the site? Ok well, if that is the case, just e-mail us a challenge and we will do it even if you can’t. I think this would be a new and interesting feature to have on the site. So go ahead and send your challenges We dare you, we double dare you, but you probably don’t have the guts. We are just a couple of wild

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One response to “Is There Anybody Out There?

  1. Adam Cox

    June 14, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    There will be a challenge up there this weekend for you to try ill promise you that! If you guys cant do it I win a free t-shirt right? haha


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