3 Keys To Victory! Right Again!

14 Jun

1. Play 60 minutes of Bruins hockey– Check. The Bruins came out and played physical, aggressive hockey from the opening faceoff. They scored 3 goals on Luongo on just 8 shots forcing Vancouver to pull their starting goalie. I also said the start and finishing of each period was huge. To end the 2nd period Chara put on a great display of hustle going end to end to help kill off some of the penalty time and to end the period holding onto a 4 goal lead. The beginning of the 3rd period was a bit scary when Vancouver scored an early goal cutting the Bruins lead to 3. Vancouver also had another close goal with one firing off the puck and resulting in a video review that showed no goal.

2. Expect the Unexpected– Check again! I said someone besides Krejci and Marchand needed to step up and score some goals. Although both Krejci and Marchand scored goals early, it was Ference who came up huge and scored Boston’s 3rd goal resulting in the end of Luongo’s night. I also said if Tomas Kaberle had a decent game it would be a bonus. It hurts me to say this, but Kaberle played quite well with a few assists and a couple of scoring chances.

3. Coaching– Czechoslovakia! Claude came through last night and silenced all of his critics. I went onto say that Claude needs an effective game plan for scoring goals and he had just that. The Bruins were aggressive both offensively and defensively. The Bruins started the game off scoring at will on Roberto Luongo. He also switched up the power play unit giving the kid Tyler Seguin a shot.

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