Karma does exist

13 Jun

It is now clear that Karma does exist, or at least for LeBron James. From the very moment he decided to go public with “The Decision” and break the city of Cleveland’s heart, karma has been staring its ugly face at LeBron. I’m not mad at LeBron for doing what he did, but the way he chose to do it was foolish. He could have just gone to Miami in hopes of bettering his chances at winning and I would have been perfectly fine with that. But to go on live national television with an hour-long “Decision”  special was completely unnecessary. It was just a huge slap in the face for Cleveland and the rest of the NBA. But Bron Bron didn’t stop there. He then needed to join up with Bosh and Wade to have their “3 Kings” celebration prior to the season starting. At this point it was clear that LeBron didn’t care about anything but himself. Then during the season the stabs about how Erik Spoelstra isn’t utilizing him the correct way and even shouldering the coach on his way back to the bench during a timeout. But at least LeBron has a sense of humor. Let’s not forget about how him and Wade were caught fake coughing implying that Dirk was faking his illness. That was hilarious, how did that work out for you guys. After being eliminated from the NBA Finals, LeBron continued with his classy ways. He started by blaming it on God that he didn’t win, and that God will decide when it’s his time. Then he says in the post game press conference that all of the people rooting against him still have to wake up tomorrow living their lives the same way while he continues to live life the way he wants to. Good point LeBron, you are rich so if you want a ring you better hit up the jewelers because you aren’t winning one anytime soon.

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