Bruins 3 Keys to Victory!

13 Jun

The Bruins are minutes away from a win or go home Game 6. Tim Thomas is going to play out of his mind again tonight. The Bruins 3 Keys to Victory are as follows.

1. Play 60 minutes of Bruins hockey– This means play physical, aggressive hockey for 60 minutes. The Bruins need to play the same way they played in the other 2 home games they have had this series. A huge key to a Bruins victory is starting and finishing periods strong. In the first 2 games of this series, the Bruins did not do this. They need to close out periods and victory will be theirs.

2. Expect the Unexpected– Someone on the Bruins who is not usually a big time player is going to make some huge plays tonight. Someone besides Krejci, Bergeron, and Marchand is going to step up tonight and score some goals. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Kelly, Boychuk, or Ference have a huge game tonight. If Tomas Kaberle has a decent game that is a bonus for Bruins’ fans.

3. Coaching– I know everyone hates on Claude and that is not a problem with me. We need Claude to have an effective game plan for scoring some goals tonight. I understand how he is trying to get Chara on the Sedin sisters line to help prevent them from scoring goals but we need to put some lines out there that can score. To Claude’s defense, he has been doing a great job putting out defensive lines to limit Vancouver’s offense (does help that he has Thomas in net). He needs to have a game plan prior to the game and not spend the whole game adjusting lines to try to stop Vancouver’s offense. If he wants to switch up any lines, he should switch up the power play unit.


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