Throwback Thursday Game: Trac Ball

09 Jun

I feel like a lot of the readers will not know what Trac Ball because it was one of those awesome games that flew under the radar. However, I felt it was an absolute must to post it because it was featured on the show “Workaholics” last night and I instantly starting flipping out and got all excited. Basically, the game is played using this “rackets” to catch and throw the hollow ball that comes with it ( a blue one and a red one). That explanation sounds boring but the more you played the better you could throw the ball, throwing curves, risers, and throwing the ball long distances. This game was way better than the game with the sticky tennis ball and hand paddles where the players would catch the tennis ball using the flat velcro paddles.  Please comment and let us know if you have ever played, owned, or heard of Trac Ball. We still have t-shirts to give away (hint, hint) so please comment.

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