Movie Review: X-Men First Class

09 Jun

I went to the movies to see Bridesmaids because I have heard only good things about it but it was sold out so I was forced to see X-Men instead. Now I am not big into the whole Marvel and DC comics movies and know very little about X-Men so I wasn’t too excited to see this film but the group I was with wanted to see it so we did. I thought I was going to be confused the whole time because I do not know the X-Men story line very well and figured I’d be asking questions the whole time. That was not the case however, and I did enjoy the movie. There were some connections with the other movies but were not important in enjoying this film. The movie was entertaining with plenty of action, special effects, and a funny cameo featuring Wolverine. I was impressed with Kevin Bacon’s villain role in this movie. The movie did have some corny parts to get the older crowd and the comic book nerds to chuckle that I thought they could have done without. Overall I would say this movie was worth seeing. If you are an X-Men fanatic then you will be very pleased with this movie. If you know nothing about X-Men like myself you will be entertained by this movie.

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Posted by on June 9, 2011 in Movie Review


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