A Manic Monday Indeed!

06 Jun

Today if definately a manic Monday. Bruins are down 2 games to 0, the Miami Heat are 1 game closer to winning an NBA title, I finished on the bubble (best place to not get paid) in poker last night, and we have a full 5 day work week ahead of us. And to make matters worse, not one person has commented on any of our posts and no one has challenged us to anything like we have asked twice. I know people are following us or at least reading the site here and there because I get comments or questions from people via text or in person very often. So if you are reading this do me a favor and comment on any article and please come up with a worthy challenge for us to put on the site. Lets get through this manic Monday together and move onto terrible Tuesday.

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One response to “A Manic Monday Indeed!

  1. Adam Cox

    June 6, 2011 at 10:44 am

    Idk what you’re talking about im working today then I got 6 straight days off! Its going to be Sunny everyday and even close to 100 degrees on Thursday so ill be on the beach while you’re working! Hope you’re glad im the first one to ever comment and enjoy your monday haha!


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