02 Jun

Do you have a special or ridiculous talent that you want to show the world? Well, here at Play Dough we have an infinite amount of talents and we are challenging you. If you or someone you know has a difficult challenge that you don’t believe we can do then challenge us. We guarantee that we can find someone to complete the same task that you did while wearing Play Dough gear. Basically we are proving the point that if you wear Play Dough Clothing, then you can do anything. Here is how it works. Send us in a video of you completing the challenge first and we will post that video on the website. Next we will have a week to find someone (if not ourselves) to complete the same challenge while wearing Play Dough Clothing and post that video on the website. If we can not complete the challenge then you will receive a free Play Dough Clothing t-shirt. If we do complete the challenge then you get nothing besides a video of us completing your challenge and making you look foolish. Play Dough thinks this will be a fun weekly feature to have on the website, so who is going to step up first? You can eat 50 chicken nuggets in an hour? We can do that in 45 minutes. You can do a double backflip? We can do triple backflips! You can drink 6 beers in 5 minutes? We will do it in 4! So come on, show us what you got and challenge us to something. Send you challenges to

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