Shaq Retires!

01 Jun

Wait, I am very confused right now. Shaq has just retired? I thought he retired the day after the Celtics signed him. I mean I can’t find his stats from this year anywhere. Oh wait, I forgot he was injured a majority of the year but Danny Ainge still thought it was a good idea to trade Kendrick Perkins. How did  that work out for ya Danny boy? Ok, now that I am done being a cry baby (I still miss Perk), I will continue. Shaq has retired from the NBA which is a big story but not really a surprise to me. I saw a bunch of different status updates of people in disbelief that “The Diesel” had retired. Shaq is an enormous, injury- prone player that is doing the right thing by retiring. Although he is retiring, he will continue to be an entertainment figure and role model which he has been throughout his NBA career. Shaq has done it all from being one of the most dominant Centers in the NBA, to Shaq-Fu video games, to his unbelievable acting in Kazaam, and of course all of his off the court charity work. I have a feeling that we have not yet seen the last of “The Diesel”.

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