Kareem Abdul- Jabbar is at it Again

01 Jun


Kareem is at it again with his silly antics. Last week I posted the story about how Kareem was crying about how he wanted a statue outside of the Staples Center. Today I find out that he has written a nasty open letter to Scottie Pippen regarding who the best scorer is. Again, if you are living in a cardboard box and hadn’t heard, Pippen said last week that Lebron James was the “greatest player” and Michael Jordan was “greatest scorer” which Play Dough also wrote a story on. So any way, I saw that Kareem had written a nasty open letter to Scottie Pippen for his comments last week. I had only saw the title to the story and was excited, thinking that Kareem was going to redeem himself for his cry baby antics last week about his statue, and was going to call out Scottie Pippen and confirm that Jordan was the best to play the game. However, that was not the case. Kareem just keeps making himself look dumber and dumber. He went on to say that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest scorer of all time. He of course had to mention first that he himself was the all-time leading scorer in the NBA. He also went on to mention how Wilt scored a 100 points and Jordan never did. He continued on mentioning accomplishments that Wilt had achieved and Jordan never did. Apparently, Wilt played in an era that had more difficult competition than when Jordan played. Will someone please pay attention to Kareem because he clearly needs it, and is going to keep pulling these little publicity stunts until someone pays attention to him.

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