Is Vancouver that Scary?

01 Jun

I am starting to get aggravated because I keep hearing how scary and good Vancouver is. I listen to a lot of sports radio and it seems that everyone and their sister are saying that the Bruins don’t stand a chance against Vancouver. The Bruins are a 2-1 underdog to Vancouver in the Stanley Cup Finals which is a huge underdog for a Stanley Cup series. I can’t say that I have seen a lot of Vancouver games this year, in fact I can say that I did not see one the whole regular season. However, I have watched quite a lot (may have missed one or two tops) this post season because playoff hockey is awesome and I wanted to see what the Western Conference was all about. I can honestly also say that Vancouver doesn’t scare me at all. Obviously they are a great team and deserve to be where they are but so do we.

Tampa Bay frightened me more than Vancouver does. Tampa Bay was a much faster team than the Bruins and was scoring at will in the playoffs. They also had Dwayne Roloson who was playing exceptional up until the Bruins series. I didn’t think we matched up well against them and didn’t love our chances versus them although I believed in them the whole series. After the game 4 choke to even the series with Tampa Bay at 2-2, I was really starting to become nervous. I was almost expecting another heartbreak from the Bruins, but was happily assured that this year the Bruins aren’t choking.

This is the Bruins year, I truly believe that. Vancouver is a great team and I’m well aware of the Sedin twins and the great goaltending of Roberto Luongo. I do realize they are a team with many great players and play great as a team. I can understand that they could be a slight favorite over the Bruins, but a 2-1 favorite is ridiculous. If any team is going to choke it is going to be the Canucks. Let’s not forget their first series with Chicago Blackhawks, when they were up 3-0 and ended up sneaking out a win in OT of game 7 to avoid a choke much like last year’s Bruins vs Flyers. It also took them 6 games to eliminate the mediocre Predators, where all games were decided by 1 goal except for a 4-2 victory in game 4. Next the Canucks took care of San Jose in 5 games which should have went to at least 6 after a bad no icing call missed by the officials. So after saying all that, why shouldn’t we crown Vancouver the Stanley Cup Champions?

So now the Bruins stand as the hopeless underdogs. I love being the underdogs, I really do. It’s like Rocky vs. Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, Rocky wins. “Do You Believe in Miracles?”. 2007 Superbowl. Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas. All of these resulted in the underdog coming out on top. But these were all one time competitions, none of these were a best of 7 series. So it must be impossible for the Bruins to outplay and win a best of 7 series against a team they are 2-1 underdogs against right? I do not think so. Bruins take the series in 6, or 7 if they give away a game like they did last series.

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