Bad Day to Go To Six Flags

01 Jun




These Tornado Warnings in Worcester, Norfolk, and Middlesex Counties are ridiculous right now. I have been watching the news for the past 45 minutes and have seen nothing but videos of tornadoes in Springfield. They are also showing footage and pictures of cars and trucks flipped over. This is absolutely crazy right now. There is nothing but panic on everyone’s’ faces in the channel 7 newsroom. Callers are calling in with their locations and what they are seeing and on more than one occasion the news team has told them they had to let them go and told the caller to go find safety. They are telling them to go find shelter and to basically hide in their basements. They continue saying that this is “no joke” and “is extremely serious”. If you want to see absolute chaos, tune into channel 7 news. I hope everyone is alright and the damage turns out to be minimal.

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