Snooki Crashed into a Police Car in Italy

31 May

Snooki seems to be back in form for Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy. The reality star formerly known as Nicole Polizzi had been trying to change some things before the new season, as she is on a new weight loss regimen. However, some things may not change so easily for the icon, given that she’s already been questioned for crashing into cop cars.

According to the New York Post, Snooki may soon face charges for crashing into a patrol car in Florence, and putting two police officers in the emergency room. Naturally, she wasn’t alone in her car, as fellow friend/cast member Deena and several production crew members were there with her.

This is certain to make for big footage when the new season premieres, and fuel anticipation to see the Jersey Shore kids in Italy. Their oversea adventures haven’t even aired yet, but they seem to be living up to the highest/lowest expectations.

This isn’t the first time that a cast member has been cited for bad driving, as the Post alleges that the gang has racked up $400 in traffic fines. They only arrived in Italy earlier this month, yet it appears they are already turning the country upside down.

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