Was I right or was I right?

28 May

I hate to say I told ya so but I told ya so. If you haven’t already please read the post on the Bruins 3 Keys to victory. Claude Julien and the Bruins must read this blog because they did exactly what I asked. The first key was the power play, I said to switch up the power play lines but they did me one better and didn’t allow Tampa Bay to go on a power play. They also cut Recchi’s time and increased Tyler Seguin’s time which I asked for. Secondly, I asked for a physical game from the Bruins and an early hit on Martin St. Louis. Early in the first period the Bruins did exactly that with a hard check on the little fella taking him to the ice. The final key and most important was Tim Thomas. Need I say more about the guy? The man comes through clutch for me and the rest of the Bruins fans out there and hosts a shut out in game 7 against a very good goal scoring Tampa Bay. So I just want to thank the Bruins staff and players who must read what we are posting because they did exactly what we asked. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Claude wearing a Play Dough shirt game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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