3 Keys to Bruins Dub Ya Tonight

27 May

As you all know tonight is Game 7 in the Bruins/Tampa Bay series, which is literally a must win for the Bruins. The 3 keys to a Bruins win are 1. The Power Play, 2. Be Physical, and 3. Tim Thomas.

1. The Power Play. Not much needs to be said about this because we all know that the Bruins Power Play is God awful . Is it one of those things that is easier said than done? I don’t want to play coach here but maybe Claude should switch it up a bit with the players he is putting out there during the Power Play. Can he please get Tomas Kaberle off of the power play unit please? Does anyone else notice that the guy is useless on the power play and will not shoot the puck? He is an absolute non factor out there. I am familiar with the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but our power play is beyond broke,. Another person we need to get off the power play is Mark Recchi. I love the guy, I love his passion and his will to play the sport for as long as he has but he doesn’t belong on the power play. We need to get some speed and some scorers on the power play. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon but how about possibly giving Tyler Seguin a chance? Claude gave him a chance games 1 and 2 and the kid proved himself.

2. Be Physical. The Bruins need to be physical and out muscle Tampa Bay. I’m not saying get in fights and give them power plays but be physical with them while being smart about it. Hockey is a physical game where you are allowed to check and be aggressive. Tampa Bay is clearly a faster team than us which means we have to be more physical in order to control the game. I would love to see someone lay out Martin St. Louis. The guy is 5 foot nothing and has seemed to be skating untouched all series. Someone needs to be physical with the little fella early so he isn’t skating with a free pass all game.

3. Tim Thomas. Finally we have Tim Thomas to lean on. Tim Thomas has played unbelievable for us all year and now we need him more than ever. Tonight’s game is the type of games Tim Thomas lives for. He absolutely feeds off of the home crowds adrenaline and excitement. This also means that Bruins defense needs to step up and limit the amount of shots he faces. They need to do their job and get the puck out after Thomas makes a save and don’t let Tampa Bay players hang in front of the net waiting for a rebound.

Bonus- Superstition is the final factor in tonight’s win. If you have done something for every Bruins win then do it tonight. If you have stayed in for Home games and gone out for Away games, stay in tonight God Dammit, it’s a long weekend, go out tomorrow night and Sunday. If you have worn yellow shoes and didn’t wear them during Game 6 and they lost, wear the damn yellow shoes tonight. I have worn my PJ Stock “asskicker” shirt twice this postseason. Once during game 7 of Montreal series and the second time during game 4 of the Flyers series. So of course I will be wearing that bright yellow foolish shirt tonight. Finally, if you didn’t write a post before game 6 but you did before game 5, then God Dammit write a post tonight. Done

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