Throwback Thursday Threads: Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

26 May

The throwback threads of the day are Tommy Hilfiger jeans. Feel like at least 60% of the same people who were rocking their Starter jackets had 1 pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans. Most kids had that one pair with the Tommy Hilfiger loop down by the back of the left knee (carpenter style). The thing that people loved most about these jeans were the price ($70), not that they were extra comfortable or fashionable. If you didn’t have the carpenter style jeans with the loop by the back of the knee you were still all good, because the belt went underneath the oversized Tommy Hilfiger patch along the waist so everyone could still see the label and know you had $70 jeans on. And then there were those kids who would sag their jeans down by their knees exposing their Faded Glory label on their jeans; you should probably pull your jeans up kid.

Sidenote: A lot of people were rocking Tommy Hilfiger cologne back in the day too. People were just spraying way too many sprays of that stuff on themselves and thinking they smelled good. I rocked Michael Jordan cologne which wasn’t much different.

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