All Aboard the Tyler Seguin Bandwagon!

19 May

The Tyler Seguin Bandwagon is jammed packed and everyone is still trying to hop on it. The 19 year old KID did play like an experienced vet but enough is enough. All the pink hats showed their true colors last night by hoping on facebook and updating statuses everytime Seguin did something productive (2 goals, 2 assists) in last night’s win over Tampa Bay. Don’t get me wrong, I love Boston sports but can’t stand when people hop on and off player’s bandwagons. They ride a player’s hotstreak and as soon as he gets off his game a little bit and experiences a slump, he is all of a sudden a useless bum. The kid has been great this series so far and so has his support on the facebook newsfeed. If the kid doesn’t stay consistent will his facebook fame turn to shame? I hope not but I bet it will. Don’t be a fairweather fan. Bruins in 7.

~Big Play

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