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We aren’t done!! We are currently working on a layout of how the website is going to be day to day rather then all over the place. Please bare with us and get ready for much better, more intact, news filled site.

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Are We All Drunks?

As most of you know, last weekend we had our second straight beer die tourney last weekend. After killing 17 kegs at the BBDO, we managed to down around 550 cans and bottles of beer and teas last Saturday, so it go me thinking whether we are just a huge group of lushes or not. There is a commercial that plays on the Sports Hub that’s for a website named This site allows you to take a survey to tell whether or you have a problem with drinking, so I figured what the hell, let’s take a look. Upon completion on this survey, it was determined that I could have a problem with alcohol dependence or abuse. Now this was no surprise to me that this would be the answer, but also realized that almost everyone of our friends would have the same answer. There are some that would have a better result, like Devon, or some with a worse one, Dino, but for the most part we are all the same. So are we really drunks or is this test kind of bullshit? Yeah we like to get wild but as far as I know, none of us are waking up itching for a drink or getting so drunk we miss work the next day. Yeah maybe we show up 10 mins late or have to drink a half a dozen of coffees to get going but no ones getting canned.
I think its an unfair test because we are conditioned to drink in Boston. What else are we gonna do when its 6 degrees out in mid-January? Also, a friend of mine, who attends the University of Miami, had a few friends from Miami visiting, and they stated it was the first time they have ever seen a 30 rack. Everywhere else in the country they sell 24 packs, we sell 30 packs, as well as 36 packs, so we know how to drink. As I said I feel this survey is bull and when it asked if I would seek further help I quickly answered no and gave the screen the finger. So if anyone else has some free time, take a peak at that website and take the survey quick. It takes less then 5 minutes and feel free to post your results, let’s see how many of us are drunks. Also someone please make Dino take this survey, I would love nothing more then to see his results. Pretty sure the closest alcohol rehab with track him down in a matter of minutes once he completes it.

-Adam C

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Friday Fight! Suppy VS Cole

Well as everyone saw Suppy absolutely demolished Berry last week in the Friday Fight and moves on to this weeks fight where he may have a little more work cut out for him. Fair battle here, WHO YOU GOT?!?!






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Throwback Jam!

Can’t believe that this song was taken serious and was popular at one point. What the hell is the song even about. I wonder if Michael Vick has this on his iPod for when he is working out.

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Recent Life Observations

While taking the train two days in a row, I’ve been lucky enough to notice more shit that I hate. I hate feet. I hate when guys wear sandals. I hate girls with gross feet. We all know about lazy toes. Basically like a lazy eye but when one rebel toe just doesn’t really feel like hanging out with the other nine. But one chick on the train yesterday had the grossest toes I’ve personally ever seen. She had one lazy toe on the left foot but her right foot almost made me yack. Everything looked proportionate until I saw that her pinky toe was basically another big toe. Her foot looked like a plastic fork with the middle prongs broken off. Her foot looked like Bowser’s castle and the princess was trapped somewhere inside. Re-telling this story almost made me puke.

Another story from the train involves a full grown man staring at me for 15-25 straight seconds. I’m usually never sure if I’m staring or being stared at, well, unless its a hot little feminina in which case I’m the culprit. But in this case, I was just jamming to my ipod (T-Swift and Miley) when the train stops at Arlington. I look up to check for some sexy slant outside the train but just see one dude and assumed we had just accidentally caught eyes, no big deal. Look up 5 seconds later and he’s still staring. Awkward. Ten more seconds go by and I see him still peeping. At around the 20 second mark, I just give in and stare back. So we pretty much just locked eyes until the train mercifully left. My two thoughts on him are that he was either a gay weirdo (likely) or he was possessed by the devil and I was unknowingly in Final Destination 15 (slightly less likely).

Last story. My roommates and I had a beer di tourney the other day and invited about 30 kids. If you don’t know what beer di is, go suck an egg. It is an institution in Bingtown and taken way too seriously by some kids, including most of the kids invited by the way. Now these are all old high school friends but people we see out a decent amount so nobody too random. The tourney was fun besides a couple of chumps winning. But the point I’m more worried about is when I talked to all these people throughout the day. Most, if not all of these hamhocks ended up talking to me about high school basketball. Now I was arguably (definitely) the best basketball player ever in my hometown but it got me thinking. What have I done lately? I still have the same job, same friends, a shitty car, no girlfriend and an unsure future. Besides writing this silly blog that maybe 22 people read, I really have accomplished nothing in the last 6 or so years. And this blog isn’t even an accomplishment. It’s a little depressing. I mean I’ve had fun and crushed an estimated 25,000 beers and almost as many chicks (three) but I’m still basically in the same spot. This story isn’t really that funny, just kind of sad. Unless me being a loser is funny in which case keep laughing ya big meanies.

Would it be funnier to know that I wrote this entire blog on the toilet?



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Chris Johnson wants money and lots of it!

ESPN- The Tennessee Titans‘ contract stalemate with holdout running back Chris Johnson shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

While the Titans publicly stated they are willing to make Johnson the highest-paid running back in the NFL, those close to Johnson believe he should be paid as one of the top playmakers¬†in the league — not just for running backs, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

To date, the Titans have not made any offers to Johnson. Until the Titans can find a way to appease Johnson, the Pro Bowl running back is not expected to report back to the team, which sets up the possibility for a prolonged holdout.

League sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Christ Mortensen that Johnson is seeking a deal that would pay him $39 million over the first three years, a $13 million average, that would place him in that elite status he is seeking beyond the running back market.

General manager Mike Reinfeldt told The Associated Press last week that Johnson’s agent was the first person the team called once the NFL’s lockout was lifted. The Titans had reworked Johnson’s contract a year ago to give him more money in 2010 and promised to talk to him again a year later.

But Johnson told The Tennessean he was surprised to hear that Reinfeldt said that he would make him the highest-paid running back ever. Johnson said neither he nor his agent has received any offer from the Titans.

“Maybe they talked, but I guarantee we never received any offer,” Johnson told The Tennessean.

Johnson said last year that he wanted a new deal with $30 million in guaranteed money. The Titans revised his contract by boosting his 2010 salary by $1.5 million to $2.05 million to convince the running back to report.

Johnson is working off two models, sources told Mortensen, one in the past with LaDainian Tomlinson while trying to project the market for the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, who is scheduled to become a free agent.

The Chargers in 2004 gave Tomlinson an extension with two years left on his original rookie deal that made him among the top-paid players in the game with an average just above $8 million during the first three years on that contract. Peterson’s salary is $10.2 million this year with free agency status for 2012 and sources told Mortensen that Johnson believes the Vikings running back will get an average in the neighborhood of $13 to $14-million per year in the first seasons of his next deal.

Johnson is heading into his fourth season and due to make $800,000 in base salary. The final two years of his deal can max out at roughly $2.7 million.

Part of the problem is that running backs typically are not paid as well as some of the league’s other top players. While Minnesota’s Peterson is the league’s highest-paid running back, DeAngelo Williams received $21 million guaranteed from the Carolina Panthers to re-sign this offseason.

Johnson has rushed for 4,598 yards and 34 touchdowns during his three seasons. He also has caught 137 passes for 1,008 more yards and four more touchdowns.

His numbers have made him one of the most dangerous players in the game — and Johnson wants to be paid like it.

Adam Schefter is ESPN’s NFL Insider. ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen and The Associated Press contributed to this report


This article is really starting to make me nervous about whether or not Chris Johnson will really holdout this year. It looks as though he is going to probably holdout because he is not getting the money he wants. If the reports are true the Titans made a deal with CJ that would make him the highest paid running back in the league which I think is fair but is not enough for CJ28. He wants to be the highest paid player in the league which I don’t think he should be (even as a huge fan) with a huge amount of guaranteed money. I think he should be promised a large amount of guaranteed money because of the short, average career life of running backs in the NFL. I guess the one good thing to take from this is that he is holding out and I have a fantasy draft Friday so hopefully he is still holding out by then so I can scoop him up 6th overall in a keeper league, although those odds don’t look good at all.

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Tuesday Toss Up: Tyson or Ali



Who do you think would win if there was a way you could take both of these boxers in their prime and have them go head to head? Who would win and how? I take Tyson in a round 4 or 5 knockout.

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